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Errors with Virtual CD Burning

I am trying your software before I buy it. I attempted to use the Virtual Burner to burn some CDs. Unfortunately, when I try to open any of the .vc10 files, it gives the error "Error while opening image files", Error code 9 "it was not possible to open all of the files that make up this image." There are other files in each folder, too (.$$$,.010,.020, etc.), and the total size of the folder for each CD I tried making is 792 MB, so it wrote something.

Does this part of your software work with Windows 10?


Did you try to burn with iTunes? Error code 9 means "Failed to open all track files for a CD". As far as we understand the problem is that burning to disc is faster than the conversion.
Maybe you can try a third party software.

If this is not applicable for your case: Which kind of virtual CD are you trying to burn which software?

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