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Virtual CD slowness and index problems


Gold Coast Family History Society have been a Virtual CD user for over 15 years.

On some computers Virtual CD is very slow to bring up the menu when right clicked and on others it isnt so bad. Why could this be ?
Also when they do bring up their server's index there are a lot of entries with '-' signs in front of them and they would like to not see them - they have to scroll a long way down to get to their actual CD's.
I would like to include screen captures but this forum doesnt allow it.

Virtual CD slowness and index problems

Which kind of menu do you mean, the Quick Start tray icon menu? This might be due to the number of virtual CDs. How many virtual CDs are added to the CD Center?
Regarding the '-' signs: Please send me the diagnostics output for further troubleshooting.


Virtual CD slowness and index problems

Yes its the quick start tray menu icon that is very slow to come up. They have about 1000 CD's on the server from memory, organised into sub-folders.

What is the best way to send you the diagnostics output ? I have sent emails in the past with this information that have not been responded to.

At least there are three reasons which determine the time Virtual CD needs for checking and displaying all added images:

1. Where are the images located? How long does it it take to aeccess images i.e. stored on a network share?

2. How many images do not exist anymore? Each image which is added to Control Center but not existing anymore slows down the time displaying all virtual CDs. Maybe it helps a little bit deactivating option "Do not show virtual CDs for which files are not found" in Virtual CD settings: Right-click on Virtual CD icon in the SysTray of the task bar -> Settings -> Configuration

3. Virtual CD Control Center itself. We did a lot of improvements in Virtual CD v10 so images are loaded faster than in previous versions. But of course we are proceeding to optimize Virtual CD and I hope the next version will be faster than Virtual CD v10.

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