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Windows 10 Upgrade & Virtual CD Drives


I've been running VCD for a few years.

I've just done an in-place upgrade from 'Windows 7 Professional 64-bit' to 'Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 64-bit' on my computer and am having the problem described in your knowledge base article below.

How do I reinstall the 'H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller' manually using the INF file as described in section 1 of the article?

Thank you in advance.

Manual installation of the Virtual CD driver

Dear Glen,

the manual installation of the driver is described in the mentioned KB article. However this should not be neccessary at all if you re-install Virtual CD (uninstall, reboot, install) following the installation instructions in the 2nd KB article. One important thing might be the deactivation of your antivirus software before yor re-install.

Kind regards,

Installation of Virtual CD v10

Virtual CD drives cannot be created in Virtual CD v10.x - Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

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